Living Planet Aquarium Project

Aquarium Project

IRH designed, fabricated, and installed the structure and rigging system to hang the whale shark and the manta rays from the ceiling of the main lobby at the Loveland Living Planet Aquarium. The life-size replicas were created on site. The whale shark was 40′ long and weighed 5,700 lbs.; additionally, there were also several manta rays, each of which weighed between 400-500 lbs. In order to support all that weight, IRH engineers, along with the aquarium engineers, had to design a support system that would not overload the trusses so that the entrance would still be safe for the aquarium’s visitors to walk underneath the shark. Only 8 electric chain hoists were used to lift the shark and give it the appearance that the shark is swimming. IRH also placed several large trees in the tropical area of the aquarium.

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