Utah Power Plant Installation

IRH recently worked with CH2M HILL and Rocky Mountain Power installing new power plant components. We unloaded various units from rail, then transported and installed them onto foundations.The steam turbine generator, the most challenging piece, was unloaded from rail using a 450 ton gantry system, then loaded on 12 line platform trailer for transport to the job site. This unit, measuring 40’12’ X 13′ and weighing approximately 300 tons, was unloaded using 450 ton gantries and placed under IRH’s 400 ton tower lift system and 400 ton hydraulic strand jack system.IRH Engineering & CH2M HILL, along with our experienced project management team, riggers, custom equipment, and the assistance of Wagstaff Crane Service, was able to safely perform the task of lifting the half a million pound generator 45′ in the air and traverse 150′ into the plant where it was placed into position. This challenging maneuver was engineered and accomplished safely without placing any pressure on the plant floor.


Power Plant Project 1     Power Plant Project 3     Power Plant Project 2

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