Crating & Shrinkwrapping

We crate everything from small boxes to large tanks, columns, drives and machinery. We’ve the skills – and stamps – to prepare your equipment for international shipping or even long-term storage. When it comes to building boxes, our crews work magic.

Our in-house crating crew will build the exact custom enclosure your project needs. We've built, stored and shipped just about everything imaginable so we've got the experience, expertise and equipment to make sure your assets are protected.

Building a better box

We are the crating pros you need. Our crating crew has the HT Stamps, and certifications required for export shipping.  We do heat shrink, container loading unloading and have the custom crating experience needed to handle jobs of all sizes.

If you need something crated, we’re happy to give you a no-obligation bid. Our crating team is quick, professional and they know their stuff. If you having crating needs, we can handle it.


Contact us

IRH Crating & shrinkwrapping services

Whether your project is big, really big, or just a bit too big for your company to handle, we’re here to help. Let us know who you are and we’ll get right back to you.

(800) 334-2409

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