Millwright Services

IRH will help you move, install, and set up heavy equipment and machinery through our professional millwright services. Our highly experienced and certified crews will provide the following:

  • Millwrighting
  • Rigging
  • Custom fabrication
  • Full installation services

If you’re unsure how to move that piece of heavy equipment, give the millwright experts at IRH a call. We’re one of the most trusted partners in the industry and work with a wide range of private-sector companies and government agencies. Whether you have a single machine or an entire manufacturing line, you will have peace of mind knowing that the IRH professionals are on the job.

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Take Advantage of Our Experience, Expertise, and Customized Equipment

Decades of Experience

IRH has some of the brightest minds in the industry. Our experienced engineers will find a viable solution for your challenge—no matter how big or small the job.

We’re in Your Area

We have offices in Salt Lake City—so we can quickly get a crew with the right equipment out to your job site. Not local? No problem, we do work nationwide.

Large Scale Job? No Problem!

IRH will undertake jobs that may initially seem too big, challenging, or complicated.


Over the past several decades, IRH has earned the trust of our clients through our continued commitment to transparency, open communication, and dedication to customer service.

When to Call a Millwright

Millwrights help ensure the safe movement and installation of heavy machinery and objects. There is a wide range of scenarios where you’ll need industrial millwright services:

  • Moving and installing heavy machinery
  • Machines and equipment that require extremely tight tolerances
  • Moving very heavy equipment, such as rocket boosters
  • Moving an entire factory
  • Setting up and programming a machine

Certifications & Training

When it comes to moving, installing, or setting up heavy and expensive equipment—training and certifications make all the difference.

In addition to conducting regular safety meetings and training classes, our workers hold multiple certifications:

  • MSHA-trained millwrights and riggers
  • OSHA 30
  • Level 2 rigging certifications
  • Crane and Signalman certified
  • Forklift & Man Basket certified

Our Experience

At IRH, we’ve worked with companies of all sizes—from large aerospace defense contractors to the local mom-and-pop shops. We have a wide range of experience moving equipment in the following scenarios:

  • New construction/expansion
  • Factory relocation
  • Arrival/installation of new equipment
  • Facility management is relocating equipment within the facility
  • Equipment replacement
  • Equipment repair
  • Plastic injecting machines
  • Blow mold machines

How We Do It: The Rigging Moving Process

Rigging is a highly specialized service that requires expert knowledge and depth of experience in order to be done safely and properly. While this is a complicated process, we have broken it down into these six steps:

Step 1 – Customer contacts IRH
Step 2 – Estimator is assigned to the project
Step 3 – Estimator makes a site visit to view the location and equipment
Step 4 – Estimator reviews the moving process with the customer
Step 5 – We move it
Step 6 – Followup review with customer for feedback on performance


I work for a chemical company that is extremely diverse. We are constantly moving tanks around, boilers, filter presses, etc. IRH has always been responsive, extremely capable, knowledgeable, and very fair. I love to bring in these guys, because it means removing all the stress of getting something done safely and correctly. I highly recommend this company.

– John Peterson

Industrial Millwright Services FAQs

Why should I hire a millwright company over letting my maintenance crew handle the job?

Your maintenance crew may not have the requisite experience or equipment to safely move the machinery or object in question. Specialized machinery often requires tight tolerances when moving and setting up in a new location. IRH has the experience and know-how to ensure the job gets done safely and correctly.

How heavy of a machine or object can IRH move?

At IRH, we have experience moving over 1.5 million pounds with customer-specific and custom configurations.

How are you better than your competitors?

We have the quickest turnaround times and the most experienced crews in the business. Therefore we can get your job done efficiently, safely, and within your timeframe.

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