Trust Our Experts with your Asset Recovery

When your electrical equipment has reached the end of its useful life—or is no longer needed in your ongoing operations—IRH’s asset and investment recovery services can recover the value of transformers of all sizes, breakers, switchgear, oil, raw materials, and more.

Our crews move, transport, decommission, dismantle, and dispose of your equipment to maximize your investment recovery and minimize your environmental risk and operational disruption.

Our highly-specialized and expert remediation services reduce your environmental risk and liability. If you have aging equipment, IRH is the partner you need. We quickly and safely recover your assets and investment by recovering electrical distribution equipment that is damaged, failing, obsolete, inadequate, or oil-contaminated.

Our Experience and Expertise in Investment Recovery Services

Our Asset Recovery crews are experienced and certified to handle aging equipment of all types. We specialize in working with power generation, wind, nuclear, and energy industries. Whether your equipment is old, obsolete, or even polluting, we’re here to help.

With experience, expertise, and custom equipment, IRH has what it takes to handle big investment and asset recovery jobs for companies large and small.

What We Offer

  • Removal, decommissioning, dismantling, and disposal of equipment
  • Remediation services to reduce environmental risk
  • Recovery of damaged, failing, or obsolete electrical distribution equipment

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